Web 2.0

Website DevelopmentTo most Web 2.0 is synonymous with blogs, social networking sites, wikis or RSS while the most conventional identity of Web 2.0 is as a reference to the second generation of the Web that is user-centered, and facilitates increased information sharing and human collaboration online. Advent of Web 2.0 has effected the development of different web-based technologies, to include social networking websites and applications, advanced video/audio/content-sharing software, hosted services, weblogs, linklogs, folksonomies and mash ups.

Web 2.0 focuses on enabling maximum human collaboration, and as such Web 2.0 websites are more than mere information retrieval platforms. Web 2.0 websites allow users greater control over their data, and readers are elevated to a platform of participation from mere spectatorship. This ‘Architecture of Participation’ allows greater reader involvement with the application as they get to enhance the application while using it, as against Web 1.0 websites where reader access is confined to just content viewing while the authority for content modification vests with the portal owner.

User-centric environment, dynamic content, user participation enabling collective intelligence, Web standards, scalability, flexibility and freedom for expression, are some principal features of Web 2.0.

Web 2.0 Design & Development

GHAZAN is well-experienced in creating effective Web 2.0 designs and applications that deliver rich user experience, and facilitate online user interaction, online knowledge sharing, and user participation enabling enhanced functioning through collective intelligence.

We provide complete Web 2.0 design & development, from requirement analysis through project planning, interface design, application building, to application deployment, and continual maintenance of the Web 2.0 applications. We also provide individual services according to your requirement.

We have expertise in developing a range of Web 2.0-based applications, from a simple interactive user interface to complex programming that runs a complete social networking website, employing Rich Internet Applications technologies such as AJAX and Flex.

Our Web 2.0 Capabilities

  • Design, Development & Maintenance of Social/Community Networking Portals
  • Weblogs/Blogs Design, Development & Maintenance
  • Discussion Forums
  • Delivering Blogs as RSS Feeds
  • Web 2.0 Graphics Creation – Flash Animation, Motion Graphics
  • Web 2.0 CSS-Based Web Design
  • Incorporation of Mobile Capabilities
  • Development of Widget Applications
  • Social Bookmarks Accumulation

Social Networking Sites

GHAZAN is well-experienced in building social networking websites specific to client requirements. We constantly keep abreast of the trend and culture of community networking to understand the existing and latent requirements of users, and correspondingly evolve to provide social networking solutions rich with intelligent and intuitive features that are certain to equip you with a definite advantage.

We can

  • Develop a highly interactive website that allows posting of content in diverse forms – text, videos, etc.,
  • Incorporate advanced content sharing modules and features for enhanced privacy and content control
  • Create customized websites for subscription-based social networking models

Provide an open source-based social networking website with customized features such as content upload , content sharing, privacy settings, content control, and more

Our Social Networking Websites include, though are not limited to, the following features:

1) Profile Pages

  • Customizable user profile pages for such information as the sex, age, location of the user, etc.,
  • Profile Editor
  • Themes & Skins for Profile Customization
  • Multi-form Content Support – Text, Photos, Videos
  • Support for Maximum Photo Size
  • Connecting with Friends
  • Comment Posting
  • Testimonials or Comments by other Users
  • Blog/ Journal Creation and Posting

2) Security

  • Privacy Settings - Set Information Access Levels
  • Block Unwanted Users
  • Facility to Report Spam/Abuse
  • Safety Guidelines in the form of FAQs, Tutorials or Whitepapers

3) Communication/Content Features

  • Internal e-Mailing System
  • Instant Messaging/ IM Systems
  • Chat Rooms
  • Forums
  • Tags
  • Groups Creation Facility
  • Bulletins
  • Mobile Version Support
  • Photo Sharing/ Copying Capability
  • Embedment of rich content such as Flash videos
  • Geosocial Networking Features – geocoding, geotagging
  • RSS Feeds Delivering Updates from Other Users
  • Dedicated Sections for Personal Videos, Music, Books, Games, Events, etc.
  • Mashup Creation Facility

4) Search Options

Support for Search by

  • Name
  • School
  • E-Mail Address
  • Address Components such as City, Zip Code, etc.
  • Hobbies
  • General/Specific Keywords

5) Technical Support

We provide 24X7 technical support through

  • E-mail
  • Telephones
  • Live Chat
  • Knowledge Base (FAQs, Blogs, Forums, etc.)

Mobile Social Networking

It’s truly Social Networking ‘on the go’ with Mobile Social Networking. With human communication becoming more and more mobile-driven, mobile social networking is predicted to stretch to greater heights.  GHAZAN combines its social networking experience with its expertise in advanced Mobile technologies and tools, to develop mobile social networks that allow users to create customized profiles, interact with friends, connect with new people, upload photos and videos, share multi-form content, and do more, using their mobile phones.


We can develop custom features and integrate them into your existing Social/ Community Networking website. Our can be offered in the form of customized solutions through this platform. Our technical expertise enables us to offer customization services for different technologies and incorporate an array of value-additive features, to include mobile capabilities, polls, news, classifieds, and more.

Pligg CMS Customization

GHAZAN can customize your Pligg-based websites and provide an enhanced social networking environment. Know about our Pligg CMS customization services.

Moodle Customization

We can incorporate rich features into your Moodle-based websites, specific to your requirements. Know more about what we can do for your Moodle-based websites.


Benefits of blogs are well-recognized. From being a platform for thought expression to being an avenue for online business marketing, blogs serve as channels for accomplishing diverse objectives.

At  GHAZAN, we provide Blog Design and Development solutions specific to your requirements. We perform

  • Blog Design
  • Blog Development
  • Blog Customization
  • Blog Promotion/ Blog SEO
  • Blog Content Writing/ Blog Posting
  • Blog Hosting
  • Blog integration with RSS to enable visitors access their favorite blog posts through their readers as and when posted
  • Complete Blog Maintenance
  • Blog Software
  • Corporate Blog Strategy Consulting


A mash-up, in Web Development terminology, is a Web application that uses the data or functionality provided by multiple sources and creates an integrated application that performs a new function not provided by any of the parent sources. Digg, the community-based news website, is a mashup created by aggregating news content from various other websites. Similarly, usage of cartographic data provided by Google Maps to travel data or real estate data, would amount to a mash-up.

Consumer mashups, data mashups and business mashups are some familiar types of mashups. Consumer mashups are generated for the general public; a classic example is the Google Maps, which integrates data from web-based sources with its interactive cartographic maps. Data mashups combine data from multiple sources and integrate them into a single new data source. Business mashups or Enterprise mashups, on the other hand, combine data obtained from both internal and external sources.

We focus on user-centric design and build mashup-ready applications that enable delivery of fit-for-purpose solutions quickly.

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)

RIAs are Web applications built to deliver rich, interactive and engaging user experience. Compared to conventional Internet applications, RIAs deliver enhanced interface interaction through a broad range of controls that allow for improved error management and effective user interactions.

Technical experts at  GHAZAN possess in-depth knowledge of the development and working of Rich Internet Applications. We offer exceptional RIA solutions that deliver on client expectations.